Three Books on God’s Reading List

What does an omniscient God read?

The History of the Church of Ephesus in Time-Lapse Photography

Modern photography is amazing. With one lens, a photographer can zoom in on an object far and make it appear near. Then he can put on a wide-angle lens and get the big picture from close-up. What about applying time-lapse to history? Let's look at the church of Christ at Ephesus.

The Audacious Claims of Jesus

Around ad 30, a rabbi named Jesus came to a Galilean village He had never visited before. Imagine the shock when, in the course of His remarks, He informed them He was God visiting...

Little Town of Bethlehem

The little town of Bethlehem was known for four things, and each of them teaches us a lesson about Jesus.

Make Jesus Your Banker

Newspaper headlines read: “FDIC Must Rescue Major Banks;” “Embezzlement and Fraud;” “Insurance Companies File for Bankruptcy;” “Stock Market Takes a Tumble.” One wonders, “Is there financial security today? Where can I put my money and...

The King of the World Obeyed His Mother

The Ten Commandments are divided into vertical (religious) commands and horizontal (moral) commands. The first four are man’s duty to God. The second six are man’s duty to man. Thou shalt have no other...

Finding God’s Treasure

Dr. Williamson, a Canadian geologist, had been slipping along a rain-soaked road that led through Tanzania’s backcountry when suddenly his Land Rover sunk to its axles in the mud.  Pulling out a shovel, Williamson began...

King Jesus’ Kingdom

Jesus is offering citizenship in His kingdom right now. Won’t you take Him up on it?

Why Doesn’t God Do Something?

A moment’s reflection shows the absurdity and impossibility of God intervening in every disaster or each time evil is about to befall one of His children. Why does God not “do something?”

The Song of a Soul Set Free (Psalm 32)

Marghanita Laski, a well-known secular humanist, once said, “What I envy most about you Christians is your forgiveness; I have nobody to forgive me.”1 David was one of Scripture’s great saints. He was also one...