Does It Really Make Any Difference?

Does it really make any difference what we believe and practice in religion?

When the Fullness of Time Was Come

Why was Jesus born when He was?

What Happened on the Long Day of Joshua 10?

The “long day” of Joshua 10:12–14 is one of several miracles in the book of Joshua. The long day was a day that is unique in human history. “There has been no day like...

This Much I Know: A “Know So” Religion from First John

Some say, “We can’t know anything.” Others seem to think they know everything. The truth is somewhere in the middle, for we can know the truth (John 8:32; 1 John 2:21), but we will...

Three Books on God’s Reading List

What does an omniscient God read?

You Can Prove Anything by the Bible

Have you ever heard, “You can prove anything by the Bible”? This is only true if someone misuses the Bible and misapplies its teachings. The Bible is unified; it harmonizes. It brings unity, not confusion...

A Decent Devil?

“It is notable that nearly all the poisonous fungi are scarlet or speckled and the wholesome ones brown or grey, as if to show us that things rising out of darkness and decay are...

They Played By the Same Rules

It was historic! It had been more than forty years since it had last happened; but, in this generation of seeing walls come down and records broken, it was not really surprising. Perhaps you...

Do You Have Any Brass Nails?

After hearing a sermon on confession, a man approached his preacher with a heavy conscience. He asked the preacher what he should do. He explained that he worked for a boat builder and had...

Recommended Books About Jesus

The Library of Congress has more books about Jesus of Nazareth than any other historical character. In fact, more books have been written about Jesus than any other subject period. Of all these books, which would you recommend?