No book written by man has so many simple words as the New Testament. 

There is an air of simplicity about the biographies of Jesus which, like the breezes from the Galilean hills, blows upon our sophisticated minds.

The gospel has not been recorded in philosophical phraseology, scientific terms, complicated sentences, or the dialects of angels; it has been expressed in the simplest terms so that even children can understand.

Man has muddied the stream of divine thought by theological and ecclesiastical terms and phrases until it is much more difficult to understand the doctrines of men than the simple teachings of the New Testament.

The gospel of Jesus contains truths so plain and clear that the untrained minds of innocent children can begin to catch and follow them (Matthew 19:13).

Teachers often confuse by their clouded explanation, when, if they would just read the New Testament aloud, the simplicity of thought would be gained. 

While on earth, Jesus replaced the traditions of men with respect to the law by His simple teachings. The instructions given to Christians as to how to live the Christian life can be understood. No one has a just complaint to make against the requirements of the New Testament toward a simple life. —H. Leo Boles

“The simplicity that is in Christ” 2 Corinthians 11:3

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