Who is at the Controls?

If life is a flight through time, who is in the cockpit? If life is a joyride, who is behind the wheel? If life is a voyage, who is at the helm?  Decisions determine direction (Joshua 24:15). Direction determines destiny...

Judgment Day Excuses That Won’t Work

What excuses might be given that day?

Powerful Words

Some words have more power than others...

How Can I Be Happy in Heaven, If My Loved One Is in Hell?

The prospect of being in heaven without someone dear to us is a troublesome thought. Will everyone in heaven have survivor’s guilt? How heartless, it would seem, to enjoy heaven if people we love...
notebook and vintage camera on the desk

Five Bible Pictures of Hope

The Bible uses five pictures to help us understand hope. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then five pictures are worth a whole sermon full of words.  Hope is light—to help us see...

The Bumps are What You Climb On

God puts balance into our lives—the good and the bad.

Three Things You Will Not Hear on the Day of Judgment

The concept of a coming Day of Judgment is not a fantasy or fable. It is a fact. Some things will be missing on that great day, so do not expect to see or hear them.

Daddy, I’m Engaged!

Are you ready to receive an unexpected call from God?

Why Did My Savior Heaven Leave?

The question is not who or how, but “why?” Why did Jesus have to leave heaven, come to earth, and become a man? Why couldn’t He save us from a distance?

Keep Your Fork

A woman was diagnosed with terminal illness and given three months to live. She asked her preacher to come by her house to discuss her funeral...