Worship God

Worship has nothing to do with the song leader or the talent of the preacher...

In Everything Give Thanks

On November 24, Americans will once again celebrate a national day of thanksgiving. It is a day set aside to give thanks unto God for our great heritage and the many blessings He bestows...

Why Go to Church?

Do you really need to go every week?

What does it mean for a minister to be ordained?

Most of our religious world puts great stress on the proper ordination of ministers, but when we turn to the Bible, we find that it says very little on the subject.

A Study in Prayer (Psalm 32:6)

Prayer is of interest to every Christian, whether they are beginning the journey or nearing its completion. Perhaps neither ever feels really competent at it. Surely no one has ever gotten from prayer all...

What He Was Looking For

What are you looking for during worship?

Worthy of Praise

If we had the tongues of angels, we could not praise God as He deserves to be praised. If we were born speaking praises and had breath to never cease, we could never adequately exalt His name in this life. If every rock could speak, it would praise God. If the stars could sing, their song would be in His honor. If the animals could write, their words would form new praises for their Creator. The very stones would praise Him if the need arose, and a thousand legions of angels would leap to do His will.

Sermons We Can See

I'd rather see a sermon than to hear one any day...

Preparing for Worship

Each Sunday morning my family prepares for worship. Over the years, we have developed a routine to help prepare our bodies and minds to approach the glory of God. If an organized and deliberate...

Should Christians Follow the Jewish Clock?

Some have concluded from this that Christians may worship on Saturday nights and be as scriptural as those who worship on Sunday mornings. Is this the case?