Gratitude Years ago, a woman living on a farm in Germany brought to her minister about $10, which was a lot at the time. She explained, “In former years, I have had to pay about this...

Worship of Entertainment?

In our entertainment-oriented culture, many churches find themselves trying to out do themselves with more and more elaborate additions to worship.

Five Fellowships a Week

There is more to fellowship than covered dishes!

10 Guidelines for the New Year

In your relationship with . . . GOD: Be prayerful. Remember dependence and helplessness in your relationship with God are prerequisites for spiritual health. How about a thorough spiritual check-up this year? (2 Corinthians 13:5). OTHERS:...

Do I Have to Go to Church?

Through the years, I have often had people ask me the question, “Do I have to go to all of the services of the church? I mean, what if I don’t go on Sunday night?” Well, allow me to answer that question with a few questions of my own...
Multicolor chalk on chalkboard

Plenty of Proof

There are more than 300 predictive prophecies in the Old Testament Scriptures concerning Jesus that were recorded centuries before He was born. Each was accurately fulfilled. Unlike modern predictions, note one of the predictions...

Things about the Church of Christ That Surprise People: Communion

Communion is a part of worship every Sunday. Those who are unfamiliar with the church of Christ, after a few visits with a congregation, have been heard to say, “You know, the one thing...

Three Barriers to Answered Prayer

 It is known within the Virginia State Highway Patrol that sometimes officers sneak away for a game of golf. One officer had forgotten which course his friend said to meet him. When he called...

Eternal Revenue Service

I work for the Department of Internal Revenue. Yes, I'm the chap everybody loathes. I go over income tax returns.

Is It Time to Update?

Times change. The new soon becomes old, the modern is ancient, today's technological breakthrough quickly becomes yesterday's news, the popular is lost in 'the latest,' and the up-to-date is soon out-of-date. Truth doesn't change.