The Bible is every man’s book. To know the Bible and to handle it correctly is one of the greatest accomplishments within the reach of any person. 

One may know English, astronomy, literature, music, sociology, and philosophy, but if one does not know the Bible, one has failed in the only subject that brings all things into the proper relationship and enables one to know life at its best. The best evidence of the inspiration of the Bible is found between its covers. No one will ever be a useful Christian without being a student of the Bible. Matthew Henry said, “The Scriptures were not written to make us astronomers, but to make us saints.” 

The Bible is not intended solely for some special group. It is every man’s book; it was written for the average person. Scholars may study it, but it is not written for scholars. No one ever outgrows the Scriptures. The more one studies them, the wider and deeper they become. The Bible enables every reader to look into eternity. 

It is no wonder that Paul urged Timothy to study the Scripture, “rightly dividing [handling aright] the word of truth,” so he might be an approved workman before God (2 Timothy 2:15). 

The Bible acknowledges man’s faults; it is patient with man’s weaknesses; it is honest with his virtues and his hopes. To own the Bible is to be rich. To study, to know, and to trust the Bible is to find life. To study the Bible is to be wise; to obey it, to be strong. —Franklin Camp 

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