On June 18, 1940, Winston Churchill stood before the crowded benches of the House of Commons. 

It was a desperate moment in British history. English armies had been flung back on the continent. Vast quantities of arms and ammunition had been lost. Enemy bombers were overhead. 

In this desperate moment, Churchill was called to take his place as a leader of his nation. Standing before those benches, he finished his memorable utterance with these words: “Let us brace ourselves to our duties and so dedicate ourselves that if the British Empire and Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say this was their finest hour.” 

Perhaps this was their finest hour. Many believe the British were never better than they were at that moment in history. 

What will history record of the church in this generation? Did we stand for God? Did we take the gospel to the world? Did we love and lead? Were we people of character and conviction? 

This, too, can be our finest hour.—Author Unknown

“Do it with your might” Ecclesiastes 9:10

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