Dear God,

I know worship is important, but I need to miss sometimes. I think I should be excused for the following reasons:

  • Christmas, New Years, July 4th, other holidays—5
  • School beginning and closing—2
  • Out of town ball games, tournaments—10
  • Family reunions (1 for wife, 1 for husband)—2
  • Anniversary—1
  • Sickness (1 per family member)—5
  • Unexpected company, bad weather, Super Bowl, TV specials—8
  • House and car repairs—3
  • Time change / alarm not working—4
  • Business trips and vacation—6

I see the total of 46 is a little high, but You can count on me the other Sundays, if I’m not hindered.

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. – Hebrews 10:25


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  1. What is the church doing for shift workers?
    I am a nurse, so caring for others in their time of need is generally considered a good work. It is expected that I work every other weekend, while some well meaning people would advise me to see if I could trade with a co-worker so I work every Saturday and they work every Sunday, or I could find a nursing position that does not require weekends… but that does not solve the fact that we rob others of their opportunity to go to church, we rob our fellow workers of our Christian presence, and in my case I rob my patients of a christan nurse. I have offered to have a late service at my home, start having youth devos, sunrise services anyone? No one in the church wants to flex their schedule to meet the needs of a shift worker. While I agree, we should not be forsaking the assembly just because we don’t feel like going, it is easy to feel like the church has gotten too comfortable with their building and their posted times of worship, and has forsaken those that cannot fit their mold. So I watch In Search of the Lords Way TV, I take communion at home with my family, I do what I can, but what about the single parent that hasn’t been a Christian that long, what about the guy working at the plant who will lose his job if he tries to miss Sunday’s (even if he finds his own coverage)?

    What is the church doing to keep the shift working sheep in the fold?

    • Hi Sandra. I just saw your post. I love your heart and your passion for doing what you can. I know there used to be 1 Sunday service before the Industrial Revolution and I think the idea of 2 services is specifically so that there is an opportunity for most to attend at least 1 service. I wish you were located here in SW VA-I know of several-including us, that would love to accommodate your schedule to make sure you could worship your God with your brethren!!! Prayers for your journey Sis…

  2. According to scripture the LORDs day was the first day of the week. So it was a busy work day. They met early before work or at night after work. Remember Paul preached til midnight the before he left for one of his mission trips. GOD knows our situation and the good work nurses and others do,don’t be discouraged. Sometimes Heb. 10:25 gets taken out of context. Study verses before and after also.

  3. Do the Church have Morning and Evening Services? If you can’t make the Morning Service try making it to the Evening Services vs versa.

  4. Some of those listed imply that just because you are out of town for ball games, anniversaries, family reunions or vacations/business trips that you don’t attend services. We never miss even when we are out of town.

  5. Hi Sandra,I can understand your problem completely.I worked in a prison for 18 years and got weekends off every six weeks.Foutunately I was able to attend sservices Sunday evenings.I don’t I understand why the church where you live wouldn’t do everything they could to accommodate you.It sounds to me that your family has it all together and you have a great heart.Godd knows your heart.God bless you.

  6. We have to remember we can worship our God anywhere.I to believe we should assemble together but it doesn’t have to be in a building that we call, THE CHURCH—— YES OUR BUILDING IS SACRED but the CHURCH is the people inside & that who God wants to be in the mist of them & worship no matter where they assemble themselves—–just MY belief!!!!!!!


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