A warm welcome, but not a twenty-question interrogation. We know the value of low-key.

A simple service—no showy production—just ordinary people offering God sincere worship.

Communion with the Lord. We take the Lord’s supper every Sunday, as the early church did (Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 11). It’s spiritual and meaningful.

A Bible sermon. Bring your Bible to follow along (Acts 17:11). Feel free to take notes and ask questions of the preacher after the service.

Gospel singing. No choir will perform, but the whole congregation forms an acapella “choir” presenting songs of praise from our hearts to God. You are invited to join in if you know the songs.

An emphasis on people instead of money. Our members give financially each Sunday, but our guests are not expected to contribute. Simply pass the plate on down the row without feeling like you should have put something in. We are interested in you, not your money.

Free study materials. Not only do we not want your money, we will give you free tracts and other materials for your continuing study of the Word. —Allen Webster

“Come and see.”  John 1:39

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  1. Sometimes the greeting are to low key. When a person visits and only a couple folks say hello, that is to low key. The larger the congregation the worse this can happen, the smaller congregations are more alert to a visitor and more welcoming.



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