Of honeymooning couples last year, 9% had this in common. What?

Answer: They brought their kids along.

On their first date, 15% of married people say this happened. What?

Answer: They fell in love!

For Valentine’s Day dinner, 11% of couples will do this. What?

Answer: Split the bill.

It’s estimated that approximately 3,500 fifth graders will do this today. What? 

Answer: Fall in love!

For Valentine’s Day, 24% will look at buying one of these. What is it?

Answer: A singing card.

Though they say it shows a lack of thought by their man, 59% of women like this gift for Valentine’s Day. What is it?

Answer: A gift card.

Generally, women find them romantic while men do not. What?

Answer: Love notes.

According to a Men’s Health magazine survey, 73% of women say this is their biggest complaint about their man’s cologne. What is it?

Answer: He wears too much! We know why: 55% of men keep cologne in their car. —Sermon Fodder

“Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it. If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly despised.” Song of Solomon 8:7

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