Through the years, I have often had people ask me the question, “Do I have to go to all of the services of the church? I mean, what if I don’t go on Sunday night?” Well, allow me to answer that question with a few questions of my own.

  • Do you have to hug and kiss your little children?
  • Do you have to remember your wife’s birthday?
  • Do you have to call home when you’re late coming home from work?
  • Do you have to buy Christmas presents for your family?
  • Do you have to attend ball games and band functions in which your children are involved?
  • Do you have to attend the funeral of a close friend or loved one?
  • Do you have to say, “I love you” when you love someone?

I think you see the point. Sometimes we are guilty of asking the wrong questions. There are some things in life that we don’t “have” to do, but we “get” to do. In fact, even asking the question, “Do I have to?” is terribly inappropriate.

When my relationship with God is based on what I have to do and what I don’t have to do, then I had better take a long hard look at that relationship.—Steve Higginbotham

“If ye love me, keep my commandments” John 14:15

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  1. If the gold at Fort Knox was available to all, nobody would be asking whether or not they have to go there. People will passionately pursue things they deem of great value; currently, for many, that is not church. That is because it has become a series of anachronistic rituals based on instructions given to theological infants millenia ago that should have long since been jettisoned as growth in knowledge of God occurred. Show the available firepower of God in their lives, and there won’t be enough pews to hold them.

  2. We have an example and pattern of the early church assembled upon the first day of the week. I cannot find any scripture of example they assembled other than the first day of the week to remember or Lord’s death, give and worship God. To bind something that’s not in the Bible would be adding to the scripture. Were told to “study to show ourselves aproved unto God”. We have those that have study the bible at home and with others. The worship of God on Lord’s day (Sunday) is a very special day, no member of the Lord’s church should miss that day, unless sickness or cause they have no control over.


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