Cops and Robbers

Moms need rest too!

Nothing New Under the Sun…

Generational tension is not a phenomenon which erupted in our century. It is as old as the trouble Adam and Eve had with their two boys (Genesis 4). For example, when did this conversation...

Good Teacher

A man took his son fishing one day. After a few hours in the boat with not much to do, the son started asking his father some questions. “How does the boat float?” he asked. The man...


Children are great.

The Home Field Advantage

One of the kindest things God did for humans was to institute marriage.

A Clean Face, A Clean Heart

Good thoughts from David Lipscomb

Take a Moment and Listen

Take a moment to listen today to what your children are trying to say...

The Importance of Fathers

In a recent issue of In Character, James Q. Wilson talks about yet another reason having a father in the home is so critical for the future of our society...

Glad Tidings of Good Things (February 18, 2016)

Articles to make you laugh and learn.

Harry Truman’s Mother

Someone once said to Harry Truman’s mother, “Mrs. Truman, you must be very proud that a son of yours is in the White House.” She responded, “Well, yes, but I have another son who lives...