Jesus gives hope—the hope of eternal life.

Unlike many people who stumble through life with no direction, Christians have a goal, and a way to accomplish that goal. Faithful saints know they are headed toward an incomparable destination, the eternal city of God! Jesus is their way to reach the goal—the only way to the Father in heaven (John 14:6), and He is our single hope (1 Timothy 1:1).

Jesus taught that eternal life is available in the world or age to come (Mark 10:30). We live “in hope of eternal life” (Titus 1:2). Stated another way, the Lord has begotten us unto a lively hope (1 Peter 1:3).

Unto what are we looking with desire, expectation, and anticipation? The very next verse has these words: “To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you.” Simply put, our hope is to live forever in heaven. There is no other hope that compares to this one!

Here is the great thing: it is not limited to just a few people. All people everywhere are invited to come and share in the blessings that God has arranged in and through His Son (Matthew 11:28).

“Come and see” (John 1:39). —Roger Campbell


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