We Are We; They Are They

Rudyard Kipling once wrote about families, “All of us are we—and everyone else is they.” A family shares things like dreams, hopes, possessions, memories, smiles, frowns, and gladness. A family is a clan held together with the glue of love and mutual respect. A family is shelter from the storm, a friendly port when the waves of life become too wild. No person is ever alone who is a member of a family. —Fingertip Facts

God’s Child 

She searches the crowd for him. Is he listening? Is he behaving himself? It was such a short time ago when she would complain, “I did not hear a word the preacher spoke,” but now her thoughts are distracted for another reason. Now her children are not beside her—they are “too big.” Her arms ache for a child squirming there all through church. She stands to sing and her body sways as if rocking a child. Where did the years go? Was it worth all those frustrating Sunday mornings? Sunday nights? Wednesday nights? Oh, there he is; look at him . . . he’s singing. His eyes are attentive. She feels so much joy. Look! There’s my child. No, he’s God’s child!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” 3 John 1:4

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