In 2005, the chaplain for the Washington National’s baseball team was suspended and barred from the clubhouse. What did he do? Did he spit in the face of an umpire as I have seen some players do? Did he run onto the field in an uncontrollable rage, cursing and screaming at the umpire or an opposing player as some managers and players do? Did he get in a locker room brawl as some players do?

No. His offense was simply in answering a question that had been asked of him by a player. Ryan Church, an outfielder for the Washington Nationals asked the chaplain if the Jews were doomed because they do not believe in Jesus. The chaplain nodded affirmatively.

While I understand that this answer may be offensive to some, my question is, Why have a chaplain in the first place if you don’t want biblical answers to biblical questions? If you don’t want religion in the locker room, then don’t hire a chaplain, hire a counselor or a psychologist. It’s not that they don’t want religion in the locker room, they apparently do. However, they want a watered-down, inoffensive, feel good, post-modern religion in the locker room. That’s where the chaplain went wrong. It seems to me, they suspended a man for being who they hired him to be. What do you think? – Steve Higginbotham

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me – John 14:6


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