God Made Life Interesting

Seeds may be dropped into the ground upside down or sideways, yet the plants come up to the surface. One grain of corn will produce a stalk on which there may be two ears,...

Destined for Greatness

To outsiders, the church may appear insignificant, but Jesus, the architect of the church, knows this structure is destined for heaven.


Children are great.

Only a Little Taller

It was said of Abraham Lincoln, "He was everybody, only a little taller."


Pancho was a well-known outlaw to Texans. A lesser-known story involves his near demise in a Mexican bar.

Children Explain Angels

Children get most of it right most of the time...

Cops and Robbers

Moms need rest too!

A Mom’s Worth

An article in Forbes asks, “Think you can put a price on motherhood?”

Tips for the Home

Nine out of Ten Understandably, many families must utilize the services of a day care center, but some Americans use such centers merely to increase their buying power by putting both parents in the workforce....

Glad Tidings of Good Things (March 2, 2017)

Building a Wall In Ancient China, the people desired security from the barbaric hordes to the north, so they built The Great Wall of China. It was so high they knew no one could climb...