The Time Jesus Got Sick

There is no record of Jesus getting sick on earth. Perhaps He had childhood colds, the occasional stomach ache, or the flu. We don’t know; the Bible doesn’t say. The only time Scripture records Jesus...

Things about the Church of Christ That Surprise People: Communion

Communion is a part of worship every Sunday. Those who are unfamiliar with the church of Christ, after a few visits with a congregation, have been heard to say, “You know, the one thing...

King Jesus’ Kingdom

Jesus is offering citizenship in His kingdom right now. Won’t you take Him up on it?

God Has a Standard for That

Scripture is able to make a man “wise unto salvation” and completely ready for “every good work” God has a standard for every area of our lives.

I’m in Charge of the Chicken

Authority is a funny thing.

I’m Looking for a Church That Is Not So Negative

There is a lot of negativity in our world. The daily news cycle feeds on the scandals, crimes, and suffering dredged up from across the world. The dog-eat-dog business world wears a person down....

I’m Giving Up on Organized Religion

Scandal. Abuse. Confusion. Greed. Lies. Argument. Conflict. Hypocrisy. We get it. Why would someone want to be affiliated with organized religion? If it is of so little benefit to those who profess it, how could...

If People Knew What I’d Done, They’d Never Let Me in Church

“Church is for good people, and I won’t really fit in.” “Church is for believers, and I have some doubts.” “Church is for families, and I’m from a broken home.” “Church is for people with good habits,...
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Facts About the New Testament Church

Founder: Christ (Matthew 16:18) Place: Jerusalem Isaiah 2:1–3; Acts 2:5 Time: ad 33 (Daniel 2:44; Acts 2) Head: Christ (Ephesians 1:22) Organization:  Christ as the head (Ephesians 5:23) Elders oversee the local church (Hebrews 13:17; Titus 1:5) Deacons...

Is It Time to Update?

Times change. The new soon becomes old, the modern is ancient, today's technological breakthrough quickly becomes yesterday's news, the popular is lost in 'the latest,' and the up-to-date is soon out-of-date. Truth doesn't change.