Thoughts from the Home

500 Family Counselors Say . . . According to a study of more than 500 family counselors, the following are the top traits of successful families:  Communicating and listening Affirming and supporting family members Respecting...

A Son’s Open Letter to His Father

Dear Dad, There are so many things I'd like to tell you face to face...

Just Play Dumb (Or Dad’s Trick #44)

In January 1992, at 1:00 a.m., one very tired mom (me!) heard a cough. I bolted from my sleep to a standing/running position and in one leap made it to the bathroom and flipped...

My Daddy Prays for Me

When Daddy prays, the house gets still; His voice is slow and deep. We shut our eyes; the clock ticks loud. So quiet we must keep. When Daddy prays, he doesn’t use Those words the preacher does. He prays for...

Nothing New Under the Sun…

Generational tension is not a phenomenon which erupted in our century. It is as old as the trouble Adam and Eve had with their two boys (Genesis 4). For example, when did this conversation...

I Play for the Minnesota Twins

A time to laugh... - Ecclesiastes 3:4

Stages of Fatherhood

How your thoughts of your dad changes over time.

Ethics for Homes

Every principle of God’s Word that applies to our conduct toward Him and with others has an appli­cation in the home.

Open Letter to All Parents

Train up a child in the way he should go, - Proverbs 22:6

101,388 Hours

From the time children are born until they reach age 18, they are awake 118,260 hours (allowing eight hours for sleep a night).