A Clean Face, A Clean Heart

Good thoughts from David Lipscomb

101,388 Hours

From the time children are born until they reach age 18, they are awake 118,260 hours (allowing eight hours for sleep a night).

Helping Widows

Concern for the underprivileged and vulnerable has always mattered to God. Three such categories in every society in every generation are immigrants (strangers), orphans, and widows. This study pertains to the third group. Under Old...

My Daddy Prays for Me

When Daddy prays, the house gets still; His voice is slow and deep. We shut our eyes; the clock ticks loud. So quiet we must keep. When Daddy prays, he doesn’t use Those words the preacher does. He prays for...

I Play for the Minnesota Twins

A time to laugh... - Ecclesiastes 3:4

Daddy, I’m Engaged!

Are you ready to receive an unexpected call from God?

The King of the World Obeyed His Mother

The Ten Commandments are divided into vertical (religious) commands and horizontal (moral) commands. The first four are man’s duty to God. The second six are man’s duty to man. Thou shalt have no other...

A Few Parenting Secrets

Heavenly wisdom for today's parents.

On the Home Front

Do It Together A Florida church holding monthly events for the entire family had trouble with parents dropping their kids off and not staying for the events. They remedied the problem with this announcement: “The...

Easy or Hard?

A large poster in a Montgomery Ward & Co. store in Oklahoma once read, “It all began at Montgomery Ward & Co. in 1939. Robert L. May, an advertising copywriter, was asked to write...