I Play for the Minnesota Twins

A time to laugh... - Ecclesiastes 3:4

How to Have a Great Marriage

How to have a great marriage Your marriage does not have to be just good; it can be great! What separates good marriages from great ones?

Burnt Biscuits

A little burnt biscuit never hurt anyone!

A Son’s Open Letter to His Father

Dear Dad, There are so many things I'd like to tell you face to face...

Life Belt Maker

A mother's care for her son...

Cops and Robbers

Moms need rest too!

A Family Is…

Families are so many different things...

Suggestions for Rearing Your Children for Christ

Wisdom for parents of all ages!

A Real Home Is…

Building a sanctuary for your family.

Thoughts for the Home

Husband for Sale Tom Brokaw of NBC News once reported a story about a Mrs. Louise Horner from Maryland, who put an ad in the local paper. It read, Husband for sale, Cheap! Comes equipped with...