I May Have to Miss Your Sermon

One member's take on heaven.

Powerful Words

Some words have more power than others...

Why Did My Savior Heaven Leave?

The question is not who or how, but “why?” Why did Jesus have to leave heaven, come to earth, and become a man? Why couldn’t He save us from a distance?

Daddy, I’m Engaged!

Are you ready to receive an unexpected call from God?
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Fingered Verse

During the First World War, men were out gathering the wounded and the dead. They found in a lonely and secluded spot the lifeless body of an American boy. He was lying on his face. His...

In Pursuit of Hope

An S-4 submarine crew became trapped after they were rammed off the coast of Massachusetts. The sub sank immediately. Rescue efforts failed. Near the end, a diver heard tapping and placed his helmeted ear...

Eternal Life—A Promise

Scriptures should not be arrayed against each other. One should have insight enough into the Scriptures to know there are no contradictions. If the Lord did not give us a perfect revelation, then we...
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Five Bible Pictures of Hope

The Bible uses five pictures to help us understand hope. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then five pictures are worth a whole sermon full of words.  Hope is light—to help us see...

Who is at the Controls?

If life is a flight through time, who is in the cockpit? If life is a joyride, who is behind the wheel? If life is a voyage, who is at the helm?  Decisions determine direction (Joshua 24:15). Direction determines destiny...