Daddy, I’m Engaged!

Are you ready to receive an unexpected call from God?

Down to Only One Fear

We need not fear: Economic Collapse. Whether the breaking of Social Security, a major stock market crash, the mounting U.S. debt, recession, the real estate bubble bursting, bankruptcy, out of control inflation, or job losses....

Let’s Unite Under the Name “Christian”

What should followers of Christ call themselves?

How Is Public Opinion Molded?

Satan’s plan to destroy America through changing public opinion is easy to track (Ephesians 6:11). Undermine the family. Relax sexual ethics. Remove Christianity’s influence. In its void, put raunchy entertainment. Use music and television to change minds.

Thru Hikers

What do you need to unload today?

The Finest New Testament Christian You Never Heard Of

It is important to build a good reputation; it is more important to maintain it. A good reputation takes time to build, but it can be destroyed in just a minute.

A Big Name

We have taken a big name—the name of Christ. Now we must grow into it.

Paul’s Bundle of Sticks

Paul was always ready to serve. Are you?

The Plain Truth about Money

There is nothing new about money.

Recommended Books About Jesus

The Library of Congress has more books about Jesus of Nazareth than any other historical character. In fact, more books have been written about Jesus than any other subject period. Of all these books, which would you recommend?