The Gospel Accounts present a truly human Jesus, not a ghostly figure who only appeared to be flesh and blood.

Jesus spoke of His own body (Mark 14:8), head (Luke 7:44–46), hands, feet, flesh, and bones (Luke 24:39), and blood (Matthew 26:28).

He also displayed distinctly human feelings and qualities: He was moved to pity (Mark 1:41) and compassion (Mark 8:2). He was distressed (Mark 7:34; Luke 8:24–25), angry (Mark 3:5), annoyed (Mark 10:14), surprised (Mark 6:6), disappointed (Mark 8:17; 9:19), and hungry (Mark 11:12).

Although He was born of a virgin, Jesus was a true human being.

Yet after seeing Jesus calm a savage storm by simply “rebuk[ing] the winds and the waves,” His disciples “were amazed and asked, ‘Who can this be?’”  (Matthew 8:27). —Mike Benson, Oxford, Alabama

“Whom say ye that I am?” Matthew 16:15

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