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Polishing the Pulpit: 2011 Sermon Swap

Polishing the Pulpit is an annual workshop designed for preachers by preachers. In addition to hearing dozens of lectures, each participant receives a pack of sermons submitted by other participants. Thursday's sermon swap is always a high point of the week, and each year everyone leaves with hundreds of sermon ideas and outlines.

This disc contains the sermons that were submitted for the 2010 Polishing the Pulpit lectureship. This disc contains many PowerPoints and Word files that are able to be edited and printed for personal use. There are over 500 sermon outlines and 180 devotional thoughts on this disc.

Minimum Requirements:PC with Windows 2000, NT, XP, or 7. All the outlines are in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format.

For more information regarding Polishing the Pulpit, visit Polishing the Pulpit or call 877-338-3397.

Polishing the Pulpit: 2011 Sermon Swap - $15.00